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About Yoga and Music of Plants

What is the music of plants?

The music of plants is a technology that translates the electrical activity of plants into sounds.

An electronic device is connected to the roots and leaves of a plant exactly as you can see in the video below. The variations of this activity are translated into musical notes through a synthesizer.

This technology makes the sensitive activity of the plant audible. It allows us to hear its vibrations. Part of these vibrations is related to its species, another is related to what the plant perceives from its environment and especially people around it.

Why use the music of plants?

The plant world is a fundamental source of inspiration for a yoga practitioner. In the Vedic tradition, the Manusmriti (Laws of Manu), prescribes the retreat in the forest as a necessary step. After, the time of studies, the time of household, of the social and family life, comes the time of the forest. There, in this vegetal cathedral, it is appropriate to honor the divine by being compassionate with all beings.

Feeding on herbs, seeds and wild fruits, practicing austerities, the adept unites with nature, elements and cycles of the moon.

Renewing this essential link between yoga and the plant world, through the music of plants, teaches us many things. Listening and attentive observation lead us to be supra-sensitive.

The practice then moves towards a deep understanding of the transformative power of postures and exercises to reveal the beneficial physical and psychic effects  :

  • quality of sleep

  • relaxation of mind and body

  • stress reduction

  • gentle softening

  • balance

  • agility


Laurent Sindrès

Laurent Sindrès is a Raja and Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher graduate of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre of Uttarkashi in the Himalayas. He learned and practiced in ashrams in India, in contact with a living tradition combining postures, breath and study of sacred texts. He has studied for 20 years the great spiritual and religious traditions: he received a theological education at the Catholic Institute of Paris and explored the Jewish and Sufi traditions. His teaching of yoga is in the indian philosophy tradition, but the extent of his personal research allows him to transmit from the essence of our humanity, beyond this or that tradition.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, he was a dancer and practiced tango and contemporary dance for 20 years . He is also a marathon and ultra marathon runner.

With these experiences and his knowledge of the biomechanics, he helps his students to build confidence in their abilities by laying the foundations of an adapted and regular practice.

Laurent grew up in close contact with nature in the woods of Burgundy in France. This has deeply nourished his vision of the world and the intimate certainty that our link to life, and particularly to the plant world, is a gateway to what the great traditions call "liberation".

This conviction leads him to offer workshops in inspiring natural places, as well as classes accompanied by the music of plants.

Classes and Workshops

collective classes

Thursday, June 25 and July 2 

from 12h30 to 13h45

at Studio 3

19 rue de Charenton, Paris 12ème, France


A Sunday per month from 10am

to 1pm

at Espace Coriandre

86 rue Gaston Lauriau, Montreuil, France

Music of Plants



Meditate with Music of Plants

You may not know it, but you probably felt it: plants are musicians. By capturing their electrical activity, we are able to transform it into musical notes. It opens up a field of sensitive, emotional and philosophical experiences of exceptional intensity.


The technology that now makes audible directly the flow of energy passing through the plants allows us not only to highlight that the plant world has a beneficial influence on us, but that we are also able to subtly influence our natural environment.


Throughout my career as a disciple and teacher of yoga, I prefered to practice in natural environments in touch with vegetation and elements, following the long tradition of forest retreat practiced since time immemorial. Intuitively, I felt in this practice a source of deep understanding of the great teachings of Indian philosophy on the unity of soul that connects all sentient beings.

Then I discovered the music of the plants that appeared to me as an ideal way to make even more obvious the tremendous link that we have with nature. By using the music of the plants during meditation sessions, I have seen how much the vibration transmitted to us is a source of harmonization and rightness.


I invite you to join me at these conferences to live and explore what music of plants tells us about our relationship to life.

Saturday October 3, 2020
 at 2pm
Les Lilas, France

Sciences Infuses festival

Médiathèque André Malraux


Contemplative Concerts

Every Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m. (French time) join the contemplative concerts live on the Yoga and Music of Plants Facebook page.


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Listen to the music of plants

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Fern StarFern
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Dancing JasmineJasmine
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Laurent Sindrès

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